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M4M (Ministry for Mission)

by Michael Ford last modified 20 Jul, 2015 05:10 PM

Mapping, encouraging and providing training for new forms of church.

Updated Listing = latest updates

2015 courses and Application Form are here.

'What is M4M?'

This two-year project has mainly been mapping all the new and exciting projects that are going on across the Diocese.

We also provide encouragement, support and training for those interested in growing new forms of church for the 21st century.

Updated ListingNEW: Three-Minute Guides

Need it in a nutshell? Look no further.

Download a Three-minute Guide below:

 Three-minute Guide 1- What are Fresh Expressions of Church? 
 Three-minute Guide 2- Five Reasons to Start a Fresh Expression of Church 
 Three-minute Guide 3- How to Start a Fresh Expression of Church 
 Three-minute Guide 4- How to Start Making Disciples 
 Three-minute Guide 5- How to Grow Mature Disciples 
 Three-minute Guide 6- Reproducing Your Fresh Expression of Church 
 Three-minute Guide 7- How to Measure Fruitfulness 

'How are you researching this?'

Clergy were interviewed during the 2013 Diocesan Clergy Day and at Archdeaconry Days. The ‘Let us Talk’ feedback gathered by the Bishop's Office was also reviewed, giving a snapshot of projects across the diocese.

Much of it has been ‘word of mouth’ by individuals passionate about what they are doing and wanting to share it. We were most encouraged to find initiatives up and running. For example, over 40 Messy Church projects are spread across the diocese as well as examples of Café Church, Breakfast Church, After School church, gatherings called Pub Theology and much more.

'How do we find out what's going on?'

Currently, these examples are physically mapped on a map of the diocese. The plan is to digitise this map so that if you want to find an initiative near you, it will be a matter of a click! We hope to have this up and running by the end of March 2014.

'What are these HUB things I have heard about?'

To support and share good practice , we are setting up local HUBS in 2014 that will encourage practitioners  to meet up and share together, plan training and resourcing.  If you have a group people near you who would find that helpful please do get in touch with Penny Joyce, see below for details of how to do this.

Latest Newsletter here

'What courses are there for us?'

HUBS are everywhere!
To help support new Fresh Expressions initiatives in local areas, we have set up a wide cross section of HUBs. They are based in a half hour radius of a central point, so that you don’t have to travel miles across the diocese. They are a supportive group of people trying new initiatives, sharing  good ideas and best practice.

We hope to set up a Dorset Café Church HUB and also plan HUBS for lay leaders with a mission heart. It’s all go! For more information, contact

'Who can I talk to?'

The project is headed by the Archdeacon of Sarum, Alan Jeans, based at Church House, Salisbury. He is happy to come and talk to you, your PCC or other groups if you would like pointers or guidance.


All course applications should be made to

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