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Pioneer Posts

by Michael Ford last modified 09 Jul, 2015 12:57 PM

The term ‘pioneer ministry' is increasingly used to describe ministry which starts and sustains fresh expressions of church.

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The Fresh Expressions movement that grew out of the House of Bishop’s report ‘Mission Shaped Church’ (2004) defines a fresh expression as:

“A form of church for our changing culture established primarily for the benefit of people who are not yet members of any church”.

More on pioneer ministry here.

The Diocese of Salisbury is encouraging and developing pioneer ministry most evidently through two pioneer mission posts:

These posts were all funded in 2008 and show how the principles of pioneer ministry give rise to some very different results.

Poole Missional Communities 

Devizes – Children and Families Worker

  • Becky Sedgwick has spent four years working across the town of Devizes and the local deanery, based at St James’ Southbroom. She works in several local primary schools, as well as at St James’ and ecumenically with other churches in the town. She is also part of the group developing the children and young people’s action plan for the Devizes deanery.
  • Becky creates pathways to enable children and their families to journey into faith in ways that work for them. Over the last four years, St James’ has developed a range of activities which now provide a continuous pathway for children and families to remain engaged with church without necessarily coming on a Sunday morning.
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  • In particular, two new initiatives have been started: miniMess – a place for our very youngest children to come and worship God - click here for the official page - and twice-yearly children’s and young people’s retreats. Click here for more on these
  • Becky is passionate about the need to enable children to encounter God, not just learn about him, and developing children as leaders
  • Contact Becky Sedgwick:
    07506 740950, 

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