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The Sudan Link

by Michael Ford last modified 08 Dec, 2015 12:45 PM

South Sudan clashes

Click here for a page regularly updated with news from our friends in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan on the ground. Please pray and stay informed!

Click here for details on how money given to support the ECSSS on the ground providing food, water and medical care to those displaced, has been used.

News and maps, from the UN, detailing numbers displaced, situation reports and other useful information to inform our prayers can be found here

Statement on the Salisbury-Sudans Partnership

The Bishop of Salisbury made a statement to the February 2015 meeting of Diocesan Synod on the Salisbury-Sudans Partnership: read here.

The Sudan Link

Every Diocese in the Church of England has a link with another Diocese in the Anglican Communion.

The Diocese of Salisbury is unusual in having a link with the Episcopal Church of the whole province of Sudan, spanning both Sudan and the new country of South Sudan.

It is one of the oldest diocesan links, set up in 1972 by the then Bishop of Salisbury, George Reindorp, and his colleagues in Sudan.

Click here for details of the 2013 'Sudan 40' celebrations, here to see photos on our Facebook page and here for the official photos on Facebook

Unlike an aid agency, the Salisbury-Sudan Link is based on mutuality: that two churches separated by distance and culture can care for one another in sharing resources, experience and practical help. Central to the Link is prayer for one another, strengthened by relationships between peoples of all three countries.  A leaflet giving an overview of our work is available here.

Practical ways in which the Salisbury part of the link has been supporting the Episcopal Church include:

  • Educational - by supporting the theological colleges, education in ECSSS schools and youth work. (an overview leaflet is available here)
  • Medical - by providing basic health care through medicines and equipment to ECSSS clinics, and helping to fund the training of nurses. (an overview leaflet is available here)
  • Advocacy -  by working with Governments, NGOs, the Churches and International Partners to lobby for sustained peace and security for effective support for Sudan (North) and South Sudan; to end conflict and rapidly respond to security and humanitarian crises and encourage the provision of better education and health for all.
  • Communications – by informing any one interested on matters about Sudan and the Link, through prayer vigils at Salisbury Cathedral, the annual Sudan Study day, through the website, Facebook and Twitter, through a quarterly bulletin, and by providing speakers and display material, and facilitating visits from our Sudanese church brothers and sisters.  For news to inform your prayers, click here.

The Bishop of Salisbury, Nicholas Holtam, takes a very close and strongly supportive interest in the Partnership and soon after his enthronement attended the ECS Provincial Synod in Juba with the Dean of Salisbury, June Osborne, and Canon Ian Woodward.

The work is overseen by the Diocese of Salisbury's Sudan Link Committee, Ian Woodward is the Acting Chair. It is serviced by a steering committee.

The Steering Committee are a good first point of contact.

  • Canon Ian Woodward is Acting–chair of the Sudan Committee, and also leads on Advocacy) (
  • Ian Pinder chairs the Education Committee (
  • Mike Maclachlan chairs the medical link committee (
  • The Rev Ron Hart arranges the Study day, prayer vigils and temporarily coordinates the Communications group shown below (
  • Graham Melling liaises between the Deanery links (and other local links) and the diocesan committee, and should be contacted if you are thinking of setting up a new link. ( (an overview leaflet is available here)
  • Sheila Trist is Secretary and holds a list of speakers (
  • John Pitt-Brooke is Cathedral Representative responsible for liaise with the Cathedral
  • Jonathan Triffitt represents Rural Deans throughout the Diocese

Other key contacts (on the Communications group)

"We will endeavour to keep you up to date with the issues that challenge and encourage us in our Partnership as we travel together in trust, prayer and fellowship."
-The Revd Ron Hart, 2012

For any other issues relating to the Sudan Link please contact the Sudan Link Secretary:

c/o The Diocesan Office, Church House, Salisbury
01722 411922
Fax: 01722 411990

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