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by Michael Ford last modified 05 May, 2016 11:05 AM

Senior clergy assisting the Bishops.

In the Church of England, an Archdeacon is a priest who looks after part of a diocese, working in close collaboration with the Bishop. Originally, the role was that of a non-ordained ‘Chief Deacon’, but the role developed until tasks were assigned specifically to priests.

The Archdeacon has a number of important public functions which are themselves each part of a network of relationships within the church. They are responsible for:

  • Representing their parishes to the Bishop, and the Bishop to the parishes
  • Guiding Rural Deans in their ministry
  • Presenting new deacons and priests for ordination
  • Inducting ministers into their congregations
  • Advising on parish outreach into villages, towns and cities
  • Advising on disputes and grievances
  • Care of church buildings, furniture and churchyards
  • Annual Archdeacon’s Visitations, including admission of new Churchwardens

Other tasks and responsibilities are delegated by the Bishop as required. More here 

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